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API Documentation for Website Owners to receive Bitcoin Payments.


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Terms & Conditions

Term of using the service of Endopay

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions which Endopay will provide to all members of Endopay. This Agreement is the right and obligation of members to use the services of Endopay. 

I . Conditions of Use

1.1 To use the service of Endopay, You must have agreed to the terms listed here.

1.2 Users can only open an account with a valid e-mail and phone number.

1.3 Users are advised to use their real identity for registration e.g Name, Address, etc.

1.4 All country users are allowed except for United States of America and Canada.

II . User Obligations.

2.1 Successful exchange are displayed in the recent transaction history. 

2.2 All transaction made are displayed in the transaction history, only for registered users.

2.3 Each users are enabled with a unique bitcoin address, which can be used to receive and send bitcoin.

2.4 Users should be confirm successful transactions with the batch number given by endopay.

2.5 Payment with paypal are limited to $100 daily for unverified accounts.

2.6 Users are expected to pay with the account they have already specified to pay with on our platform, or else they may loose or forfeit their money.

2.7 Users are expected to pay with the debit card of the registered bank account, else they will be required to provide the bank details of the bank debit card used which MUST correspond with the registered name.

2.8 Users account MUST be verified to Buy or Sell e-currencies on endopay.com [for/with Nigerian Naira].

2.9 Users Nigeria bank account are required for account verification to Buy or Sell e-currencies on endopay.com [for/with Nigerian Naira] and for daily paypal transaction payment over $100.

2.10 Spending from bitcoin address currently attracts a fixed $0.50.

2.11 Further proof of identity may be required from users for verification.

III . Irrevocability of Transfers

3.1 Users agree that all Transfers made by the user are final and irreversible.

3.2 Users are full responsibile for Transfer activities from the account to another account on Endopay.

3.3 Each payee or transferee must have a corresponding valid account for exchange.

3.4 Users are asked to provide the recipient's account. Users need to be careful copy accuracy or account which the user wants to send. 

3.5 Once funds are credited to the recipient's Account, the transfer becomes irreversible.

3.6 Incase of fraudlent act or scam. User's account will be barred and fund will NOT be refunded. Beware!

IV . Obligations of Issuer

4.1 Ensuring the transaction of user is safe and accurate.

4.2 In some cases, issuers can temporarily repeal the responsibility to perform data backup.

4.3 The issuer is allowed to send information on new products, promotions, special programs to e-mail of user. In case the user does not wish to receive such information, the user should contact the issuer to remove from mailing list.

4.4 In the case of certifying the user, the issuer receives the information of user and will destroy after completing certifying.

V .Other

5.1 Be aware that some random transactions may be delayed by e-currencies security system for being checked. In such cases you see that your money is debited from your e-currency account and the BATCH number is given to you. But it takes from 5 minutes to several hours for us to receive your money so the transaction cannot be completed until we receive your funds.

5.2 Endopay is paying to get user bitcoin transaction confirmed on time. User may need to be patient to get the transaction confirmed, as endopay is not a miner. An unconfirmed transaction with 72hours is automatically reversed.

VI .Entire Agreement

6.1 This Agreement is made on the basis of the user agreement and issuers. This Agreement will be amended from time to time, if any, the amendment will be notified to all users before they are issued.	

Affiliate Program

With Endopay, you stand a chance of earning WITHOUT LIMIT;

How does it works?

I At successful registration, you will be given a unique referral code.

II Share the referral code with your friends or referral link https://endopay.com/?ref=UNIQUE_REFERRAL_CODE. Login to copy your link.

III Make sure your friends also register by quoting your referral code or following the referral link.

IV That is it.

- Earn commission on ALL of your referrals purchases including all their future purchases - FOREVER! 

For example if you advertise your link in forums, twitter, facebook, blog, email etc, you never can tell how many people can join through you. if your referrals or downlines bought $500, you will earn ₦750 INSTANTLY in your bonus account.

- Our affiliate program has NO LIMITATIONS! The more customers you refer, the more Bonus you earn.



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